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Information on Botox Injections and How they are Administered

December 1st, 2014

Botox injections are one of the latest medical technologies to temporarily remove fine lines and wrinkles. In comparison with more invasive cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift, botox injections are quicker to be administered and relatively painless. It requires a short span of time for its recovery period. Botox injections are used to maintain a youthful and more vibrant facial structure.

Information on Botox and Botox Injections

Botox is the widely known name of botulinum toxin A, a neurotoxin type which is produced by Clostridium botulinum. In the 1970s, it was discovered that the botulinum toxin can have therapeutic applications. Since then, it was used to treat several disorders of the nervous system.

The botulinum toxin comes as a crystalline substance and for it to be injected in any body part, it is added in a liquid, usually saline.

Botox for Anti-Aging

Botox is prevalently used for medical treatments but it has been most popular in terms of application in anti-aging treatments for both women and women. When applied for cosmetic purposes, botox injections can erase deep frown lines between the eyes. There are misconceptions that the injection paralyzes the face but this is not true. The injection makes the muscle relaxed. For the botox injection procedure, the first step is to clean the area of the face which will be injected. Then a local anaesthetic is applied so that there will be no discomfort. Once the anesthesia has been effective, botox is injected.

There are differences in the number of units of botox that each person needs. This depends on the distribution and size of muscles. Men usually need almost double units more than the required units for women.

Patients who undergo botox anti-aging procedure need to sit in a semi upright position in a few minutes in order to make sure that they are feeling well after the procedure. They are told not to lie down for two to four hours so that botox would not drift in different parts of the face. Strenuous activities should not be performed for few hours so that there will be no bruising. Moreover, there are certain medications that are avoided such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

It usually takes three to ten days before the effect of the botox injections can be seen. One would notice that very deep lines across the forehead will be very minimal in appearance. Faint lines around the eyes and across the forehead will be almost invisible. Deeper lines require more than one treatment.

It would usually take three to four months before the effects of botox would vanish; however, this lasting effect is also dependent on the expertise of the physician who performed the procedure. can be checked online for botox options.

Botox Precautions

Botox injections contain albumin so people who are allergic in eggs are not advised to undergo the said procedure. Botox should not also be undertaken if one is pregnant. Botox should not be undergone if one plans to have other major cosmetic surgery or one has recently undergone a cosmetic surgery.